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Post by ff7_freak on Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:03 am

What manga would you recommend to others to read?
What are your top 5 series and why?

Manifest 2010 - DONE
Godot - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 100%
Supanova 2011
Bard - Kuroshitsuji 30%
Manifest 2011
Shi-Long Lang - Ace Attorney Investigations 0%
Future Cosplays
"Hobo" Phoenix - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney 0%

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Manga recommendations Empty Re: Manga recommendations

Post by _Berry_ on Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:34 pm

haha i only just saw this .-.

im not very good at recommending things so yeah xD

but my top 5 at the moment are...
1. Tasogare otome x amnesia - because its funny and kinda sad Very Happy
2. Reborn! - because its awesome
3. Kampfer - because its just stupid and funny
4. Naruto - because i just love naruto both the manga and show :p
5. Girl friends and Strawberry shake sweet are a draw on number 5 - they're just so cute xD

yeahhh i have bad taste xD
and my favourites change like every week...they're just this weeks favs Razz
Berry Angry!!!

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