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Post by lyssxKIPPER on Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:23 am

(im going to ask leigh to make a category for 'seeking cosplayers' laterr~ and hopefully this can be moved there ^^"
LEIGH: Done!

Hello all~
Just looking for Melbourne cosplayers who’d be interested in joining a Kuroshitsuji cosplay group for Supanova next year. It is probably a little early to start this but seeing as Kuroshitsuji costumes are very detailed and challenging it’d be better to know and get ahead of things earlier this year in preparation for it all. Just leave a comment here in regards to which character you’d be interested in doing, there are still heaps to choose from [:

Kuroshitsuji I characters.

[b]Ciel Phantomhive: Taken; Stray
Sebastian Michaelis: Taken; Mynameisdat
Finnian: Taken; Keitaaaa
Bard: Pending; ff7_freak
Maylene/Meyrin: Taken; Chibibear
Tanaka: Open
Angelina (Madame Red): Open
Grell Sutcliff: Taken; Berry636
Elizabeth Middleford: Pending; V I R U S
Angela: Open
Pluto: Open
William T. Spears: Taken; Nancy
Ronald Knox: Open
Joker: Open
Doll: Open
Peter: Open
Wendy: Open
Beast: Open
Dagger: Open
Jumbo: Open
Aberline: Open
Drocell Cains: Taken; Agito
Undertaker: Taken; Kimberly_S_O
Soma: Open
Agni: Open
Lau: Open
Ranmao: Open
Charles Gray: Open

Kuroshitsuji II characters.

Alois Trancy: taken; Pointfourfive
Claude Faustus: taken; D'Rose
Hanna/Hannah: Open
Thompson Taken; lyss, Timber Taken; xoxEmmi-chan Cantebury: Open

There are heaps more characters I didn’t add so let me know if there is a character not listed that you’d like to cosplay ^__^ A possible skit could be done as well, but I think it’d be best to recruit all members first before discussing skit ideas.

Also this group will most likely happen on the Saturday unless issues occure in regards to a lot of cosplayers unable to go that day.

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